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University South Carolina Beaufort

University with three distinct campuses serving the Carolina Sea Islands. 


New website to be launched



Brand messaging for landing page; User Experience strategy; site architecture strategy


Assistance with new branding message; development of accompanying branding centerpiece

Website Design & Development

User Experience and User Interface strategy and implementation

Digital Photography & Videography

Professional portraits of staff and faculty; the creation of video headers/banners; use of drone video footage

Creative Strategy



Project Breakdown

The University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB) is a vibrant school located in the heart of a unique beach community. USCB does wonderful collaborative work with the city of Beaufort and surrounding areas. Their old site was stodgy and did not reflect the school’s colorful personality.

We immediately understood the importance of their users being able to orient themselves within the site and understand how to navigate where they want to go. Working with a team of collaborators, we were able to architect a pattern that combines breadcrumbs – the path of pages that leads to your current page – with section navigation.

We also wanted to include more media and stories integration throughout the site. This was something lacking from their old website. We have done so with the use of photography, videography, drone footage, student and faculty interviews, and by capturing unforgettable moments by just being in the mix. 



We used photography and videography convey the overall mission and values of this growing campus. We implemented visuals throughout the project that provide backdrops for compelling storytelling of students and their journeys. Below are a few samples.

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