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Reconstruction Beaufort

The untold stories of the Reconstruction Period in America following the Civil War. 



Non-profit; historical center

Creative Strategy

User Experience strategy; site architecture strategy


Logo design; letterhead design and printing; brochure design and printing; font choice for all mediums

Website Design & Development

Site architecture strategy; User Experience and User Interface strategy and implementation



Project Breakdown

The Second Founding of America: Reconstruction Beaufort is a not-for-profit organization, working in collaboration with The Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. Their mission is to uncover the truth and to tell and teach missing parts of our nation's history. 

In creating the visual representation of this project, our goal was to tell these powerful stories using strong and unapologetic images. We also made sure that the color palette was equally strong and poignant, contrast and light. 



We were able to use visuals and illustrations from various academic sources. Our client had done an impressive job scouring sources from throughout the state of South Carolina as well as travelling to Washington DC. Our goal was to highlight the triumphs during this time in American history as well as provide an unflinching look into some of the setbacks.


Logo Design

Dynamic motives of strength and dignity intertwined with symmetry and symbolism. The design is created to look like a seal. 

RBLOGO white.png



Other than ensuring that the story of Reconstruction is accurately and beautifully told, the other goal was to make sure that end users could easily navigate through the information and also have the access to donate. A donate button is strategically placed in the header and appears on each page. 

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